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We Provide
Housing Assistance to Struggling Veterans

Help us get more veterans off the street and into the warm and safe environment that they deserve.

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Contractors Housing America is a non-profit 501(c)3 uniting the construction trades to financially support veterans with housing assistance throughout the United States.

We’re on a mission to provide safe and warm shelter to every man woman and child currently without a home.

Like you, we are passionate about construction and also committed to helping those in need by providing them with a chance for stability and restoring their hope for the future.

Every penny that’s donated will go to existing local homeless shelters or other transitional housing provider partners. 

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Provide Stability
Grant a Future
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Restore Hope

How It Works


Register a project or Team

Construction professionals can register as partners and enroll their projects and teams.


Raise Money

For each partnered construction project going on in a given area, we will raise money to benefit the local homeless shelter. The average commercial construction project would donate an equivalent of 500 nights of shelter accommodation.


100% will go to ending homelessness

Every penny donated will go to support ending homelessness in the community where the project is located.

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Get Involved

Join other construction industry professionals in tackling homelessness

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Become a CHA Partner

We welcome partners from the Construction sector including residential and non-residential construction companies, professional services, tradespeople, and community organizations.

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Become a Sponsor

CHA Sponsors fund the critical functions and operation of our organization. They also get account management services, reporting, and a full library of logos, photos, videos, and stories from the field.

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Become a Housing Provider

Applications for grants are available for homeless shelters and other transitional housing providers.

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