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Housing America


Housing America

Contractors Housing America (CHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to championing the construction industry to raise funds for local homeless shelters’ improvements and support. Construction professionals make a living building homes, schools, and facilities for communities all over America. They are also members of these communities who live and raise families in the area.  They recognize with concern that there is a growing number of people who cannot afford a roof over their heads. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened this situation with rapidly increasing numbers of unemployment, poverty, and as a result, homelessness.

CHA seeks to empower the construction industry, including managers, laborers, engineering, tradespeople, and architects, to support a shelter local to a project. CHA will facilitate the partnership by evaluating shelter applications, providing marketing materials, and offering a streamlined way to get donations to the shelters. The organization plans to expand nationwide and establish long-term partnerships with industry leaders.

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To achieve its mission, CHA actively establishes relationships between construction workers and the community where they work. As construction projects begin, hundreds of workers are brought into a new area and change, not only the landscape but also the economy and rhythm of a site. This provides a powerful opportunity for the workers to rally around a cause and show their support. By partnering with local homeless shelters, construction workers can put the power to build and change into the hands of those most in need.

Board of Directors

Pete has 30 years in the construction industry and founded Contractors Housing America to promote the power of the construction industry to do good in the world. Inspired by his desire to see his fellow construction professionals make life-changing impacts in our communities, the idea of creating Contractors Housing America was born.

Pete is the CEO/Owner of Wall-tech, a specialty construction company focused on building faster, more cost-efficient, and world-class quality construction by providing prefabricated Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) framing and drywall solutions.